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Individualized Attention

Manufacturing process
Manufacturing process

Industrial customers require being dealt with individually. Ken has from it's very beginnings, maintained direct contact with its customers, becoming not only a supplier of tailor-made products, but also a provider of tailor-made.

A team of highly-qualified professionals with a proven wide experience in the industrial sector works closely with customers, studying in detail all facilities and processes so as to provide full counsel in R+D, Quality and Production, and thus be able to design products which settle in with their needs fully.

Taylor-made products

  • Specific needs
  • Our range of specialized products includes a wide range of concepts:
    • Formulation: higher or lower percentage of vegetable and animal fat, aroma, sugar content...
    • Functional Parameter Definition: overrun, freezing and de-freezing behaviour, higher or lower consistency, stability...
    • Technological definition of parameters. Re-definition of products, whenever necessary, adapting these to the technology our customers use: dosing, whipping, freezing parameters...

Quality and Innovation

A continuous policy about investing in innovation and craftsmanship quality has re-enforced Ken's position within the national market, placing it as the leading brand in the Industrial Frozen Confectionery and Large Distribution sectors.

Professional Solutions

Professional Solutions



This normative is a process which focuses in achieving the best possible quality when the product reaches its final production stages and thus continually improve according to the basic principles it establishes. Ken's production plant was awarded such Certification in the year 2013.

Thermal Treatments


Group of technological measures destined to lengthen the shelf-life of pasteurized products while minimizing the microbiological levels during the manufacturing process and avoiding any possible contamination during the filling and distribution processes. Fresh products achieve a longer shelf-life time thanks to this treatment.

Complex technique which cannot be defined as a standardized answer but as a group of processes applied to the production, packaging and distribution stages,with the ultra-pasteurization and the microfiltration being the most commonly applied treatments (All of Ken's products are ultra-pasteurized).


Preservation technique for liquid foods by which they are exposed to a brief and intense heating process, usually to temperatures of between 135ºC and 140º C. This process destroys all microorganisms which could otherwise have negative side-effects on human health and/or destroy the product itself.

The UHT treatment is a continuous process which takes place in an enclosed environment, thus preventing the product from being contaminated with microorganisms which are present in air. The product quickly goes from a heating to a cooling stage. The aseptic packaging is an inherent stage of the whole process and a key one, that is, in order to avoid product re-contamination.

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