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The company makes use of a 10,000 sq. Metre production plant in Guadalajara (Spain), which is continuously undergoing expansion and improvement developments..

  • It's location in the centre of the Iberian Peninsula (Alovera) provides the following logistic advantages:
    • Quick access to the main motorways.
    • Quick access to dry-docks.

Both of which can only re-enforce one of the organization's fundamental pillars: offering the finest service to its customers

Test Laboratory and experimental baking oven:

  • Our current fully-working plant includes a fully-equipped laboratory where microbiological and physical-chemical tests are continuously carried out. These analytical control tests safeguard the quality of our raw materials, intermediate processes and finished products with the aim of maintaining all of their organoleptic and functional characteristics intact throughout their shelf-life. Additionally, all of our products go through our experimental baking oven where they undergo all sorts of functional tests (consistency, stability, overrun, ...)
  • Our baking oven is available for all of our customers who wish to run any kind of test on it with the help of our specialized personnel.

Safety in all processes:

We have deployed a Danger and Critical Point Control Analysis system as well as the BPF procedures, with the aim of carrying out all kinds of internal auditing studies.

Before subjecting a product to the manufacturing regime, various experimental test programs are developed in which performances in terms of technical shelf-life and functionality are compared with required standards.

Every product's manufacturing process is documented by means of a diagram which includes a description of all basic stages from reception, storage and conservation of raw materials, to the essential stages of thermal treatment and packaging. And thus all values for the entire process are registered so that the Quality Department may verify them afterwards.

Avda. Río Henares , 80 · P.I. Ródano 19208 · Alovera (Guadalajara) España Tel.: +34 949 26 65 10
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