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Ken, the brand of a company with more than 40 years' experience in the cream market. LIASA produces creams as well as Pasteurized and UHT ready-to-use foods for the bakery and catering professional market.

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  • A company focused on the production of dairy products and their derivatives for whipping and cooking, as well as traditional desserts and butter:
    • Exclusive dedication to the bakery, catering and restaurateur sectors for over four decades with a clear objective of creating value for our customers, has turned us into a bench-mark enterprise in the national market.
    • An organization known for its flexibility and continuous innovation. Our Sales Department, jointly with the Process Department individually studies the specific needs each customer may have, selecting those products which will adapt best to their business.
  • Mission: Manufacture and market added-value raw materials for the professional Bakery, Catering and Food sectors.
  • Vision:A company with the aim of providing solutions for professionals in the Bakery, Catering and Ready-cooked sectors. We are not just a manufacturing company, we are also a service company for we are committed to our customer beyond simply delivering raw materials. Additionally we are also committed to their needs, all within a win-win partnership.
  • Innovation: We are fully committed, with continuous innovation, development, research and the reassurance of quality.
  • Concern for Health:We do not only give maximum importance to organoleptic or functional qualities when developing our products, we also wish to be always providing a nutritional advantage, which turns out to be a health benefit for consumers.
  • HHRR: Our collaborators are our most important asset; we consider a continuous training program as a top-of-the-list priority.


Avda. Río Henares , 80 · P.I. Ródano 19208 · Alovera (Guadalajara) España Tel.: +34 949 26 65 10
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