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KEN products
Ken Products

A specialized company with a clearly defined expansion strategy.

  • The '60s:A short product portfolio, a 100% innovative concept.
    • We are born in 1967 as a company which produces and markets whipping dairy products with a brief product port-folio aimed at the professional bakery market. In these years we introduce an innovative concept: "Whipping cream", a mixture of fresh pure cream with vegetable oil, an innovating concept which quickly re-enforces the company's growth
  • The '70s: First expansion for the company.
    • Several take-overs by small local competitors provide the required dynamism by the organization, eventually peaking with the construction of a new production plant where new production processes are to be deployed as well as introducing new "Pure-Pack" packaging lines.
  • The '80s
    • KEN, as a brand, appears in the early 80s. The product port-folio quickly expands due to a fast growth of the demand for this kind of product, developing new goods: various whipping creamers, creams with different fat percentages and a new line of hand-crafted semi pre-prepared desserts...
  • The '90s: Innovation.
    • Production moves to Alovera (Guadalajara) in the '90s, where a new plant with state-of-the-art technology is opened:
      • ESL (Extended Shelf Life): fresh products with longer shelf life thanks to aseptic packaging.
      • Automated production and packaging lines.
      • Refining and Disposing Control Facilities.
      • APPCC System (Danger and Critical Point Control Analysis)
      • Testing Lab for the deployment of physical-chemical and bacteriologic analysis

We reach a new stage in which our current R+D+I philosophy consolidates: to design products which comply with the needs of the most demanding professional, under the most rigorous quality controls.

Faithful to our focused commitment towards innovation and quality we have re-enforced our position in the Spanish market, registering a magnificent growth.

International Expansion

21st Century:

  • In the first decade of the current Century, LIASA starts it's first international expansion process opening two offices abroad.
    • Ken Europe: located in Italy.
    • Ken Carpathia: located in Hungary.
    In 2006, faithful to its R+D+I policy, it introduces a unique concept which also generates an enormous added value for the customer: Pasteurized fresh product with a shelf life of up to 180 days. With this feature we achieve a front-edge position in the industrial frozen bakery market and become a bench-mark provider in the Spanish market.
  • KEN, as a brand is currently distributed by more than 30 exclusive distributors in 4 continents. At Ken we still continue to believe in innovation and keep probing for new answers which will adapt to the needs of the professionals in the Bakery and Catering industry so that they can make use of the best products available in the market.

Ken-Liasa factory

Ken-Liasa factory

Avda. Río Henares , 80 · P.I. Ródano 19208 · Alovera (Guadalajara) España Tel.: +34 949 26 65 10
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