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Ken-Liasa, Refrigerated store
Ken-Liasa, Refrigerated store

Our products' freshness life-time is maximum. Our distribution's delivery terms are minimum.

  • We have a nation-wide and international distribution network. With the aim of satisfying further our customers' needs, we make use of a established network of delegations with permanent direct contact (Madrid, Barcelona and Málaga) as well as exclusive distributors for the rest of Spain and foreign countries. Distributors who provide a personalized experience with our customers, get to those places we don't, providing adequate counselling and adapting to individual demands with daily deliveries if need be.
  • Optimum 24/48 hour service:
    We are a flexible organization, always aware of the needs any of the customers in our port-folio may have. Conscious of any unexpected event logically associated when dealing with fresh products, we have established a distribution network capable of providing an optimum service within 24/48 hours, via our delegations or distributor network.
    Our distributor network guarantees a personalized and professional attention to all customers needing any KEN product.
    KEN has like-wise established direct communication channels between its distributor network and its Sales Department, which in perfectly synchronized manner with the Logistics Department is capable of solving in real time any issue or unexpected event.
  • Cold chain
    Fresh products require strict storage conditions and must therefore be subjected to continuous quality control checks. That's why our distribution network is made up of a fleet of cooler-vehicles, supervised by the most demanding controls with the aim of certifying an optimum delivery of our products, in the same conditions as when they left our factory.
  • International Distribution.
    We have importing customers and distributors over four continents. We even have two delegations of our own in Europe, outside Spain.
    • Ken Europe located in Rome, in charge of coordinating all our exports and providing service to our international customers. It also deals with all sales in the Italian market.
    • Ken Carpathia located in Budapest covers Hungary and Eastern Europe countries.

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