Ken truffle, the best ally for bringing the chocolate flavour.

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Ken Truffle

Ken Trufa
Ken Truffle

It is chocolate's best ally, as it takes its taste to fillings, topping and decorations. As it is mainly composed of a pure chocolate cover, it provides more creaminess and the authentic taste of cocoa powder added to cream...

  • Creamy stable texture over time, with no drying or cracking.
  • It can be personalized to taste, and flavours, liquors, etc. can be added.
  • Excellent behaviour in refrigeration / freezing processes.
  • Long shelf life after whipping.
  • Different proportions of whipping cream can be added in order to optimize its performance

Ken Truffle:
2,3 Kg. Ref: 0100085
Box Content: 6 x 2,3Kg

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