Ken Presto 1L. and 500ml., the perfect ingredient for decorations and fillings

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KEN Presto UHT

KEN Presto UHT 1L.
KEN Presto UHT 1L.

The perfect ingredient for decorations and fillings.

Ken Presto is already sweetened and ready to whip to be used in confectionary decorations, fillings, toppings... It whips easily providing a very high yield and excellent consistency and stability.



  • Thanks to its UHT technology, Ken Presto has a long shelf life (365 days) and doesn´t need to be stored under refrigeration (store in a cool and dry place below +20ºC)
  • Chill before whipping. Optimum product temperature before whipping should be between 8º and 12ºC.
  • When whipped it provides an excellent flavour, a creamy texture and a pleasant colour.
  • It can be whipped alone or with other ingredients: sugar, dairy creams, custard cream, cocoa powder, chocolate, jams, flavours, liqueurs, aromas and colorants.
  • Gluten and cholesterol - free.

KEN Presto UHT:
1L. Ref: 0102228
Per box 12 x 1L.
10 L. Ref: 0100622
Per box 1 x 10L.
Nutritional Information (per 100g):
Energy value Kcal: 294 Kcal.
Energy value Kjul: 1232 Kjul.
Fats 27,1 g.
Of wich saturated 26,4 g.
Carbohydrate 11,8 g.
Of wich sugar 11,8 g.
Protein 0,6 g.
Salt 0,2 g.


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