Ken Láctea, toda la cremosidad y el sabor de la nata fresca

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KEN Láctea 35% 1L.

KEN Láctea 35% 1L.
KEN Láctea 35% 1L.

Dairy cream's full taste and creaminess.

KEN Láctea 35% MG 1L combine the ever-present features and advantages we always wished to include in our cooking and whipping products: full fresh-cream taste, maximum creaminess and freshness in mouth without relinquishing to a good functional performance, making our every-day work easier.




  • We achieve a 270 days shelf-life under refrigerated conditions.
  • Dairy cream's full taste with high stability.
  • Maximum freshness and creaminess.
  • Excellent consistency and stability even under cooling/freezing conditions: decorations do not collapse and have no syneresis.
  • Excellent functionality in fillings, toppings, decorations and any other confectionery preparation. Stable with acid ingredients: lemon, strawberry, etc.
  • Optimum performance in any kind of whipping process (planetary, air, siphon...)

KEN Láctea 35% 1L.
KEN Láctea 35% 1L:
1L. Ref. 0102221
Per box. 12 x 1 L
10 L. Ref; 0100873
Per box. 1 x 10 Kg
Nutritional information (per 100g):
Energy value Kcal: 341 Kcal.
Energy value Kj: 1408 Kjul.
Fats 35 g.
Of which saturated 28,2 g.
Carbohydrate 4,6 g.
Of which sugar 4,6 g.
Protein 1,9 g.
Salt 0,2 g.


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