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With all the taste of a traditional dessert. Are made with 100 % natural ingredients


An egg-based traditional dessert with three result: Crème Brulée, English cream or ready-to-serve Egg custard



  • Gluten-free suitable for celiacs.
  • All the taste of traditional recipies
  • Prepared with 100% natural ingredients (egg, milk, cream, sugar...)
  • Shelf life of 180 days with no need of refrigerated preservation.


How to use:

  • Crème Bruleé
    • Heat it up over a low heat until it comes to the boil (85ºC)
    • Place it in the container and let it stand for 20 minutes at room temperature.
    • Keep it in the fridge (0º-5ºC) for at least one hour.
    • Before serving it, sprinkle it with grained sugar and grill it whit a cooking torch or spade.
  • English Cream
    • Heat it up over a low heat without coming to the boil (50ºC).
  • Ready to serve:
    • Serve it directly
    • Sprinkle cinnamon over it. Put it in the fridge

Ken Dessert y Ken Dessert with lemon
Ken Dessert
1,5L. Ref. 0104112
Box content 8 x 1,5L
Ken Dessert with lemon
1,5L Ref. 0101501
Box content 8 x 1,5L

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