Ken natas 38% sin carragenato UHT - Nata 38% S/C UHT

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KEN Nata 38% Carrageenan-Free.

KEN Nata 38% Carrageenan-Free 1L.
Nata 38% Carrageenan-Free 1L.

Pure cream from cow milk with 38% fat content.

Ken Cream 38% (carrageenan-free) is made from selected raw materials in order to provide professional users with the best organoleptic and functionality features. Quality and functionality in the professional bakery and ice-cream sectors.



  • This cream provides 38% fat from cow milk with no additives what-so-ever, making it a "clean label" product.
  • Outstanding stability and above-average consistency compared to other market products: decorations will remain stable for more days. 
  • Absence of syneresis. Provides full dairy taste and creaminess to professional's preparations.
  • Allows professional ice-cream makers to fully in-line mix all prepared products according to their own recipes, thus providing ice-creams with an optimum structure with neither fat migrations nor syneresis.

KEN Nata 38% Carrageenan-Free 1L.:
1L. Reference: 0102214
Box Content: 12 x 1L.
10L. Reference: 0100110
Per Box: 1 x 10L.
Nutritional Information (per 100g):
Energy value Kcal: 362 Kcal.
Energy value Kjul: 1490 Kjul.
Fats 38 g.
Of wich saturated 25,1 g.
Carbohydrate 2,8 g.
Of wich sugar 2,8 g.
Protein 2 g.
Salt 0,07 g.


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