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KEN Nata Culinaria UHT

KEN Nata Culinaria UHT
KEN Nata Culinaria UHT

Special UHT cow's milk for cooking purposes. Perfect for preparing Quiche, creams, sauces...




  • Better working results when cooking than with standard creams.
  • Provides a Fast reduction and a creamy final texture.
  • Any dish prepared with Cooking Cream will always have the same texture, even when you bain-Marie it.
  • Dishes and sauces prepared using Ken Cooking Cream will not curdle and yet allow you to add acid ingredients as well as liqueurs. Servings will remain stable even when re-heated or frozen.

KEN Nata Culinaria
KEN Nata Culinaria UHT:
1,5L. Ref: 0101083
Box content: 8 x 1,5L.

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