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Using selected cow's milk as raw product, we carry out a skimming process which allows us to obtain cream of any percentage of fat content. The cream is then subjected to a modern thermal process of ultra pasteurization which allows us to maintain - fully- all of its organoleptic, functional and ...


Milk from organically bred cattle. With milk's full flavour and in compliance with the most stringent quality regulations.


It is chocolate's best ally, as it takes its taste to fillings, topping and decorations. As it is mainly composed of a pure chocolate cover, it provides more creaminess and the authentic taste of cocoa powder added to cream...


Ken offers a high level of specialization in the manufacturing process of alternative products to cream. This range of products is manufactured with different vegetable fats combined with cream. Products which are more stable and show more applications than cream while maintaining its advantages...


Butter for demanding professionals who are looking for full taste and aroma in the butter they'll use in their dishes. Ideal for confectionery and cooking, it provides excellent taste and smoothness in recipes.


Craftsmanship quality desserts prepared with natural ingredients following traditional recipes. Easy to prepare, they result in an interesting amount of time and effort being saved, for they are ready to serve or bake/warm-up. Considering they are pasteurized and subjected to the strictest of qu...

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  • 25/11/2014

    Ken-Liasa participated to the Seoul Fair Cafe Show 2014.

    It was held from the 20th to the 23rd of November 2014 in Seoul (Corea) LINK VIDEO


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